Easter in Ramallah

A story about friendship and holiday traditions that have been shared among Palestinian Christian and Muslim families for centuries. A story that reflects the tradition of celebrating Easter holiday that was carried on for years and takes the reader to a fun festive place that is filled with a colorful atmosphere, drums playing, love and laughter from the eye of a child.

“I believe you have already found a new calling as a writer of children stories. Through this story, you have been able to communicate to children interesting information, knowledge of a new culture, and a broadened view of another country. So congratulations and may you go forward with God’s blessings.” Rev. Naim Ateek

“Best reflects the beautiful innocence of Noor, Laila, and their similar and not-so-similar traditions and helps us imagine a true “beloved community.” Shakeel Syed


“Easter in Ramallah is an endearing and colorful reminder of the beauty of Palestine and her people. Holiday traditions have been shared among Palestinian Christian and Muslim families for centuries. Their deep faith inspires generosity, kindness, and a spirit of love that strengthens the community and ensures resilience for generations.  Wafa Shami’s book will delight children and warm the hearts of people of all ages who will see that the joys of the past provide hope for the future.” Laila Al-Marayati


“This is a lovely story that reflects the harmony of religions and cultures which characterize Palestine. The long held traditions, loved, shared, and respected by all the communities who make up the colorful human mosaic that is Palestine. Like Palestine, the story is innocent, friendly, full of life and full the fragrance of fresh baked pastries.” Miko Peled

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