A Dream of Palestine “teta’s story of al-Nakba”

A Dream of Palestine

Noor, a young school-aged girl, is curious to learn about what happened to her Palestinian grandmother (teta) during the infamous 1948 Nakba  (The Catastrophe) that befell the Palestinian people, and why her family was forced to leave their home in the Palestinian capital of al-Quds (Jerusalem). Why were they pushed out of their homeland? Where did they go?  And how did they become refugees?

Join Noor while she sits down with her teta who narrates this story of the Nakba and shares what happened to their family back then. Noor is eager to listen and learn the history of the Palestinian people and their suffering. As her teta’s story unfolds, Noor is saddened by what she learns and becomes eager to help in the fight for a free Palestine.

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  • I hope parents the world over share this book with their children. And thank you as ever, for the wonderful recipes and narrative behind them. Praying for Palestine and it’s people. ❤️


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