When Za’atar Met Zeit

One day Za’atar heard the birds whispering and talking about something extraordinary. As he got closer he heard his name mentioned with someone else called Zeit. Who is this Zeit? Can we meet? What will happen when Za’atar meets Zeit, are they going to like each other? Are they going to become best friends? Let’s find out!
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Olive Harvest in Palestine

Endorsements “This story, primarily intended for children, can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The principles of community, family, country and love are beautifully shared through the elements of the olives, oil and warm maklouba. This is the story of Palestine.  Shami takes us on a virtual tour of a typical day in the life of a family in…
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Easter in Ramallah

Endorsements “I believe you have already found a new calling as a writer of children stories. Through this story, you have been able to communicate to children interesting information, knowledge of a new culture, and a broadened view of another country. So congratulations and may you go forward with God’s blessings.” Rev. Naim Ateek “Best reflects the beautiful innocence of…
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